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Nursing & Maternity Bra Size Guide

first step | band: 

The bottom edge or band of bra should be parallel to the floor. If it rides up, tighten the back hooks, or you may need to buy a band size down (ie 34 to 32). Cutting in? you may need to go up a band size (ie 34 to 36). Our bras come with 6 hook settings for extra extension to give the most flexible fit as you grow and change.

find your number
(ie 30-38) Start with your underbust measure so we can get your band size. Place a measuring tape firmly around your ribs under your bust. Relax your arms down and breathe out to get the smallest measurement. Note it down.


1st trimester - Start at the 2nd - 3rd hook from the tightest, you can adjust this as your ribcage expands.  Shop a few nursing bras now, you can wear them again when you and bubs have settled into feeding and your boobs have settled.
2nd trimester - Move to the 3rd - 5th hook so there is still enough room to let it out during the 3rd trimester and bring it back down after birth. You may bust out of these cups in the 3rd trimester, but don't worry, this bra will be handy for the middle stages of breastfeeding.
3rd trimester - During the last several weeks of pregnancy extend to the 5th - 6th hook. You may outgrow the cup size, however it can be used again during your established breastfeeding journey.
after baby arrives - Adjust band to make it smaller as needed. Your milk coming in may expand your cup size! Lets discuss that next...

second step | cup:

The bust should sit in the cup without gaping or spilling over. Check the straps first, then if your spilling over you may need to buy a cup size up (ie 34DD to 34E). Gaping? You may need to go down a cup size (ie 34DD to 34D). The depth/fullness of your cup will change the most during pregnancy, you may increase 1 cup size by the 2nd trimester and a 2nd cup size by the end of your pregnancy. That means 2 - 3 changes in bra size throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding...    

find your cup size (ie D-J)
To measure your cup size, its good to do this between feeds and wear the best fitting bra you have, preferably with a wire and no foam cups to get the right size. Keep the tape loose and measure around the body at the fullest part of the bust. Write down the number.

bralette | multicup sizing:

Our Heroine Maternity Bralette features multicup sizing meaning each band size fits a range of cup sizing, perfect for your changing breasts during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Shop to your band size and know you are covered between D-G cup you won't believe the support:

more questions?

what if I can't find my size on your store?
Try visit our other favourite brand Hotmilk as they cater for every size from A-C cups through to 40 and 42 bands and up to J cup. Hotmilk has revolutionised the nursing lingerie market with its provocative and fashion forward styling offering premium product at accessible prices with a philosophy to celebrate and empower women via a fresh, creative approach.

Answers to your fitting questions are on our faq page or pop instore for a personal fitting. If that doesn't suit, feel free to drop us a line.